New Hair Fork Design for 2014!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

well, its passed new years for sure, but we have had a rough start!

OUr new hair fork for this year came to us as a gift at Christmas time. A parcel with a note book arrived, and as we looked through the note book, we saw lots of drawings, of designs, patterns and hairdos..and forks and sticks...drawing after drawing, notes and inspirations with a few charms, some book marks, fun thoughts....our hearts were beating so fast! what a treasure chest!! so we went back to the beginning and the inscription was to us, that we had permission to use the ideas in this book as we wanted! OH MY GOODNESS! so we went back through each page...and again,....and again... marveling each time at new things we saw and possibliities built on the drawings there....and we picked one to start working on....well to my surprise, one day , a finished fork showed up on my desk, that i had never seen before!  WOW! i had to try it in! and i flew to the shop, and showed off the genius of it in my updo!  it works amazingly wonderful! so we talk about it, and decide to give the first next one to our friend who gifted the book to us, and ask her to please name the fork, if it is her pleasure to do so!

We sent the box, and couldn't wait for the day it arrived in her hands, it was a surprise for her! we were so pleased that she alos loved the design and found it very easy to use and even for all her abundant hair, it worked well! 


She names it the "Eye of Isis " fork, because of the shape of the tines. we love it! so that is the new name!

We only have 2 made in pink ivory wood right now, but we will be making more of them in different woods, with different topper shapes. We aimed this design at pony tail based buns, but it works well in all the updos i have tried so far !

we hope you enjoy the story behind the new fork for 2014 , and we look forward to many more new designs to come! thank you so much Bettina! you are forever in our hearts!






Lovely story behind the fork!

It's funny because I was wondering this morning how it came to be, and to be named and I love the background with the surprise notebook! <3

I am very happy, that you

I am very happy, that you like my little sketchbook so much. The parcel was a big surprise and the new fork is - - - unbelievable!
Thank you so much for your thanks. My best wishes for you both. I am sure many many long hair ladies will love the Eye of Isis-fork like I do.

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