A new step forward...scary and exciting!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello dear ones!

We have an amazing step looming before us, but we need YOUR input to make it a go/no go !

What we would like you to tell us is this: if our hair forks, the avalon tusk for now, would be available in local shops and on Amazon, in a high grade polymer material, at a lower price, ...would you be interested in that!? we need a YES or NO in the comments from everyone who reads this!  and of course, any thoughts , concerns,suggestions you might have and want to share...the important thing is that we need as many comments /input as possible!

ADDENDUM! We are NOT going to stop making wooden hair forks,just wanting to branch out and possibly share the love in a different way!

The details would be forthcoming after the poll, as far as colors, length, cost...we can't get to those details until WE HEAR FROM YOU!!

We cherish each and EVERY ONE of you! Please help us with your answer!

Abundant love and blessing to you all ! ♥


YES, I love your wood designs

YES, I love your wood designs but a waterproof fork would be a nice addition.


I love your unique wooden hairforks and I sure will order them in the future. But I'd love some forks that would go swimming and bathing and dancing through the rain with me. Definitely a GO!

Yes, it would be very nice to

Yes, it would be very nice to have a fork to do sports or dirty and wet work. I really don't want to take my wodden forks for that and I really love your design.


great idea! avalon tusks for the masses! yes, yes, yes :)



Yes, I think it is a great

Yes, I think it is a great idea. From a business standpoint it would certainly be an unbelievable opportunity. In my mind it would not diminish your brand and the wood forks would still be available to those that love them and want them. I love my GTS forks but I am careful with them and if I could get a less expensive alternative to wear at the pool/beach that would be excellent, especially in fun colors. They would be different forks for a different purpose. Congratulations on an excellent opportunity. I hope it brings many good things to you and your family:)

yes with the new design!

YES. I am very interested. A lot of people like me who cannot get out of the house, really depend on Etsy and Amazon for our ordering needs. And its nice to have variety! Especially with wet/damp hair, another hairfork material would be great. Please try to make some cute designs just like with the lovely wood ones. Just like you said, you would be reaching and fulfilling a different market base. Best wishes and I have my fingers crossed for you!

Yes, it's a great idea!

Yes, it's a great idea!

Yes of course

go on and try it. I guess the market of your one-of-a-kind hairaccessories ist limited to mostly people from several hairforums and the odd customer here or there. You can have new customers when approaching new markets. Give it a try :-)


Yes, I think its a great idea to have the possibility to have a everyday fork that can get wet



Yes, I would be interested. I

Yes, I would be interested. I would love to have a fork for swiming, horse riding, gardening and that kind of stuff.

Who cares what current GTS

Who cares what current GTS lovers think? You're talking about branching into an entirely new market, and polling your old market won't tell you how the new market will feel. I say go for it! Diversification is a great business strategy. And the better you can support yourselves, the longer we can be kept in supply of the hand-made wooden forks we love!!!


we appreciate your support so much! our current customers are very important to us and we do care what they think! we also need to grow ourselves and our company to survive and thrive! and, ...we need a vacation very much! LOL thank you thank you thank you!


First I have to say I just found this site and have never ordered anything from here.
Second I'm a stay at home mom and if I could afford it I would buy the wood and antler ones over anything acrylic but as it isn't feasible I would love to see what styles you come up with that would be slightly more affordable. :) not saying your products aren't worth it they're gorgeous just not fit for our budget.

Good idea. I'm not into

Good idea. I'm not into wearing plastic but I know lots of people would appreciate non-wooden hair accessories that actually hold hair well.

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