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A new step forward...scary and exciting!    Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello dear ones!

We have an amazing step looming before us, but we need YOUR input to make it a go/no go !

What we would like you to tell us is this: if our hair forks, the avalon tusk for now, would be available in local shops and on Amazon, in a high grade polymer material, at a lower price, ...would you be interested in that!? we need a YES or NO in the comments from everyone who reads this!  and of course, any thoughts , concerns,suggestions you might have and want to share...the important thing is that we need as many comments /input as possible!

Lovely Sunday    Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Day everyone!

a quick update! after lots of input, we see people prefer to shop on Etsy, so we are having both places as shopping options. We do have a gallery here, with not only appreciation pictures but all sold items. Here is the link to that page

We want you to know we appreciate you , and want your shopping experience to be as smooth and hassle free as possible!

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