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A new step forward...scary and exciting!    Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello dear ones!

We have an amazing step looming before us, but we need YOUR input to make it a go/no go !

What we would like you to tell us is this: if our hair forks, the avalon tusk for now, would be available in local shops and on Amazon, in a high grade polymer material, at a lower price, ...would you be interested in that!? we need a YES or NO in the comments from everyone who reads this!  and of course, any thoughts , concerns,suggestions you might have and want to share...the important thing is that we need as many comments /input as possible!

Welcome 2014!    Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome to the new Grah-Toe Studio home!! our new forks will be listed here, and all of our news and fun pictures and videos will also be here, all in one wonderful place! YIPEEE! we hope you love it here, and will come in, have some coffee, browse, sing, watch hair videos and shop!


Please feel free to browse the gallery for inspiration on custom orders, and we are working on a list of current woods in stock, but it is changing always!

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